HR Assistance

HR Assistance

Your company’s relocation benefits play an important role in a candidate’s decision to join your team. We’re here to give you the competitive edge you need. You can partner with the experts at Coldwell Banker Burnet Relocation and be confident that your company’s relocation packages will attract the kind of candidate you’re seeking while simultaneously supporting your bottom line and boosting your overall business goals.

Here are a few of the services we provide to Human Resources Professionals:

Candidate / Pre-decision

Moving can be stressful. You want to make it clear to recruits that you care about their comfort and happiness before they’re even hired. A Coldwell Banker Burnet Relocation Move Manager will serve as your candidates’ primary point of contact and help them make critical decisions prior to accepting the transfer via our Plan Smart program. Some benefits of this program include:

  • Reduced risk for a failed relocation
  • Candidates who feel informed and cared for
  • Cost projections so there’s no surprises for the business unit or the customer
  • Common ground to negotiate

Policy Development & Management

Whether you need to merely tweak your existing relocation policies or start from scratch, we’re here to help. We’ll listen to your challenges and goals. Then we’ll provide smart, timely, cost-effective recommendations perfectly suited to your company and its culture. We stay up to speed on the latest legal issues, tax implications, technological updates and industry trends to equip you with the best possible relocation program – and then support you in its seamless implementation and ongoing effectiveness.

Industry Trends & Benchmarking

Attracting the best talent requires access to the most current recruitment trends and benchmark information available. Benchmarking will enable you to compare your benefit package against industry standards. Industries in which we specialize include health care, manufacturing, consumable goods and others.

Management Reporting

Our reporting system can meet the most detailed requirements including tracking and reporting capabilities by division, department, cost center, employee, policy, tier, geographic locations and other customized criteria. Tax gross up calculations and payroll reporting are other standard services to ease the burden of your company’s staff.

Group Moves

Whether as a result of an acquisition, a consolidation, or staff sizing adjustments, relocating a group of employees (from several people to hundreds of people) requires a special skill set. When you partner with Coldwell Banker Burnet Relocation, you increase the likelihood of retaining valued employees because we are experts in presenting relocation scenarios in a way that makes employees feel engaged, listened to, and invested. Working behind the scenes or directly with your employees, we can design specialized group-move benefits packages that incentivize them to relocate – and drive efficiencies and cost savings to your bottom line.


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